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The Indian Union Muslim League or I. U. M. L. (commonly mentioned because the League inside Kerala) is an Indian party based within the Indian state of Kerala. its recognized by the committee of India as a State Party.

The first Council of the IUML, which was at the time the Indian successor of the Muslim League, was persisted 10 March 1948 at the south Indian city of Madras.[2] The Indian Union Muslim League constitution was passed on 1 September 1951.

The party may be a major member of the United Democratic Front, the Indian National Congress -led pre-poll state level alliance in Kerala and has always had a continuing , albeit small, presence within the Lok Sabha.The party may be a a part of the United Progressive Alliance at the national level. The League its first ministry (Minister of State for External Affairs) within the first Manmohan Singh ministry in 2004.

The party currently has four members in Parliament - P. K. Kunhalikutty, E. T. Mohammed Basheer, and K. Navas Kani within the Lok Sabha and P. V. Abdul Wahab within the Rajya Sabha and nineteen members in State Legislative Assemblies of Kerala and Tamil Nadu .