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The Mizo National Front (abbreviated MNF) may be a regional party in Mizoram, India. MNF emerged from the Mizo National Famine Front, which was formed by Pu Laldenga to protest against the inaction of the Indian central government towards the famine situation within the Mizo areas of the Assam state in 1959. It staged a serious uprising in 1966, followed by years of underground activities. In 1986, it signed the Mizoram Accord with the govt of India, renouncing secession and violence. MNF won elections and formed government in Mizoram twice, first under Laldenga (1986–88) then under Zoramthanga (1998–2008). In 2008, it suffered a robust incumbency wave and won only 3 seats within the elections. Currently, its a neighborhood of North-East Democratic Alliance consisting of political parties of the northeast which has supported the National Democratic Alliance (India). In 2018 state assembly elections, its emerged as largest party and won 26 seats.