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Mizoram Peoples Conference, a regional party in Mizoram, India. MPC was formed by Brig Thenphunga Sailo on 17 April 1975. Ṭhenphunga was the party chairman and was the Chief Minister of Mizoram from 1979 to 1984. Thenphunga was a military officer then a persons rights Activist before starting his party .

Following the MPCs defeat in 1984, it had been the most opposition party for subsequent 2 decades. within the 1998 assembly elections, it won 12 seats. However, within the 2003 elections, the party won only 3 seats, variety which fell to 2 within the 2008 elections and 1 in 2013. It ultimately won no seats within the 2018 election.MPC was the third largest party in Mizoram for 3 decades,and the party has been happening quietly within the present days without collapse.