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Peoples Democratic Front (Meghalaya)
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The Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) may be a regional party within the Indian state of Meghalaya. The PDF was founded in 2017 and is led by P. N. Syiem and Auspicious L. Mawphlang.

Currently, its a part of the North-East Democratic Alliance. The PDPs aim is to enhance the event of the state especially of its tribal people living in it.

The two main tribes living in Meghalaya are the Khasi and therefore the Garo: Khasi contains sub-tribes including the Khynriam (mostly people from East and West Khasi Hills), Pnar from the Jaintia Hills, Bhoi from the Ri-Bhoi, and therefore the War from the Southern a part of the states, mostly along the borders.In the 2018 Meghalaya legislature election, the PDP won 128,413 votes (8.2% of the vote) and elected 4 MLAs.