Karen Goh Net Worth, Family, Parents, Husband, Children, Career, Achievement (2022)

Karen Goh Net Worth

Karen Goh is US Mayor of Bakersfield  know all about Karen Goh Net Worth, Family, Parents, Husband, Children, Career, Achievement.

Quick Facts
Name Karen Goh
Category Mayor
Birthday 1955
Spouse NA
Education University of Southern California (BM, MM)
Country / Nationality United States
State / Province California
Party Republican
Net Worth $ 1 to 5 Million

Karen K. Goh is an American politician and non-profit organization executive from California. Goh is the 26th and current mayor of Bakersfield, California, since January 3, 2017.

Karen Goh Net Worth

Karen Goh Net Worth is $ 1 to 5 Million in 2022.

Karen Goh Family, Parents

In 1955, Goh was born in India. Goh’s parents were Harry and Kathleen Goh, missionaries. Goh has a brother, David Goh. In June 1962, at seven years old, Goh and her family moved from London, England to Bakersfield, California. Goh’s parent provided ministry leadership for the Bakersfield Chinese Church. Goh’s family founded Garden Community Church in Bakersfield, California. At age 12, Goh became a naturalized U.S. citizen. In March 2004, Goh’s mother died in Bakersfield. In 2005, Goh moved from the East Coast back to Bakersfield.

Karen Goh Husband, Children

Goh is unmarried.

Karen Goh Career, Achievement

Goh was a music instructor at Bakersfield Christian Life Schools and then moved to New York City to work at the McGraw-Hill Companies, where she held several positions including vice president of publishing operations.

After returning to Bakersfield in 2005, Goh volunteered at Garden Pathways for five years.On December 10, 2010, Goh became the fifth district supervisor of Kern County, until 2013.In 2013, Goh became the President and CEO of Garden Pathways, a non-profit organization, in Bakersfield.

On November 8, 2016, at age 60, Goh won the runoff election and became the 26th mayor of Bakersfield, California. Goh defeated Kyle Carter with 52.75% of the votes. Goh became the first mayor of Asian descent and second woman mayor in Bakersfield, California. Goh was reelected to a second term following the March 3, 2020 primary election.

Karen Goh Awards

2015 California Woman of Excellence. Presented by Distinguished Young Women of California.
2015 International Women’s Day Award. Presented by International Women’s Day Inc.
2016 Wendy Wayne Award. Presented by Cal State Bakersfield/Kegley Institute of Ethics. ( Source  Wikipedia and News Websites )

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