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Sunita Kangra
Municipal Councillor (Leaders)


BJP councilor Sunita Kangra was collectively chosen as the city Mayour of South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) in the overall house meeting.

 The BJP-administered metropolitan partnership likewise collectively chose party councilor Raj Dutt Gahlot as the new agent civic chairman.

 Kangra, councilor from Madipur ward, said her needs are neatness, training and stopping offices for the inhabitants of South Delhi.

 Active civic chairman Narendra Chawla, Bhupendra Gupta (both from the BJP) and Vedpal of the Congress were chosen as individuals from SDMCs standing council, said a senior official of the city body.

 Five selections were filled for the three empty posts of standing council individuals. AAP councilor Abdul Wajid Khan and BJP councilor Col (resigned) B K Obroi had removed their names, the official said.