Dick Durbin : Net Worth, Family, Wife, Education, Children, Age, Biography and Political Career

Dick Durbin is us senator from Illinois since 1997 know all about him in this article as like his Family, Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Children , Education and Career Earnings

Dick Durbin : Net Worth, Family, Wife, Education, Children, Age, Biography and Political Career
Dick Durbin

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Dick Durbin






Loretta Schaefer ​(m. 1967)​


Georgetown University (BS, JD)

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$3 Million

Richard Joseph Durbin is an American attorney and politician serving as the senior us senator from Illinois, a seat he was first elected to in 1996. He has been Senate Democratic Whip since 2005, the second-highest position within the Democratic leadership within the Senate, and Senate Majority Whip since 2021. He chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Durbin was born in East St. Louis, Illinois. He graduated from the varsity of Foreign Service and Georgetown University Law Center. Working in state legal counsel throughout the 1970s, he made an unsuccessful run elected official of Illinois in 1978. Durbin was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1982, representing the Springfield-based 20th district . In 1996, he was elected to the U.S. Senate. Durbin has served because the Senate Democratic Whip since 2005, from 2007 to 2015, and within the 117th Congress is the Senate Majority Whip. hes the dean of Illinoiss congressional delegation.

Dick Durbin Education

He graduated from Assumption highschool in East St. Louis in 1962. During his highschool years he worked at a meatpacking plant. He earned a B.S. from the varsity of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in 1966. Durbin interned in Senator Paul Douglass office during his senior year in college, and worked on Douglass unsuccessful 1966 reelection campaign. Durbin adopted the nickname "Dick", which he didnt previously use, after Douglas mistakenly called him by that name.

Durbin earned his J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center in 1969 and was admitted to the Illinois bar later that year. After graduating from school of law , Durbin started a practice in Springfield. He was legal counsel to elected official Simon from 1969 to 1972, then legal counsel to the Illinois State Senate Judiciary Committee from 1972 to 1982. Durbin was an unsuccessful Democratic candidate for the Illinois State Senate in 1976. He ran for elected official in 1978 because the campaigner of State Superintendent of faculties Michael Bakalis. They were defeated by Republican incumbents Jim Thompson and Dave ONeal. Durbin then worked as an adjunct professor at the Southern Illinois University School of drugs for five years while maintaining his practice.

Conflict of Interest Issues

Durbins wife was a lobbyist, and it had been reported by the Chicago Tribune in 2014 that a number of her "clients have received federal funding promoted". additionally to announcing the award of monies to 10 clients of his wifes lobbying firm, these conflicts included her lobbying firm receiving a one-year contract with a housing nonprofit group round the time Durbin visited bat for the organization; a state university receiving funds through an earmark by Durbin when his wife was its lobbyist; and Durbin arranging federal money for a public health nonprofit when his wife was seeking state support for an equivalent group. The Durbins maintain that they struggle to avoid conflicts of interest.


Durbin is Roman Catholic. In 2004, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield in Illinois barred him from receiving communion because he voted against the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act. the present bishop of the Diocese said Durbin stays faraway from his Springfield parish because "he doesnt want to form a scene". Durbin skilled the communion ban in 2004 that hes accountable to his constituents, albeit it means defying Church teachings. In 2018, Bishop Thomas John Paprocki affirmed the choice to deny Durbin communion within the Springfield Diocese after Durbins vote against the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Durbin continues to practice his faith, attending mass and receiving communion at Old Saint Patricks church in Chicago.

In 2017, Durbin was criticized for requesting a clarification from Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett during her Judiciary Committee hearing about her self-descriptive terminology "orthodox Catholic." He contended which may unfairly characterize Catholics who might not accept as true with the churchs positions about abortion or the execution. She contended, "litigants and therefore the general public are entitled to impartial justice, which could also be something that a judge who is heedful of ecclesiastical pronouncements cannot dispense." Barrett opined that judges arent bound by precedent conflicting with the Constitution. She wrote that judges could recuse themselves from hearing matters if their faith conflicted with issues to be decided in cases they could otherwise hear. a piece of writing within the National Review contended, "Senators must inquire about these issues when considering lifetime appointments because ensuring impartiality and fidelity to precedent are critical for the rule of law." the difficulty prompted questions regarding the appliance of Article VI, Section 3 of the Constitution, which mandates: "No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or charitable trust under the us."

Dick Durbin Net Worth

Dick Durbin Net Worth is $3 Million in 2021.

Dick Durbin Family

Durbin was born in East St. Louis, Illinois, to an Irish-American father, William Durbin, and a Lithuanian-born mother, Anna.

Durbin and his wife Loretta have had three children, Christine, Jennifer and Paul. After several weeks within the hospital with complications thanks to a congenital heart disease , Christine died on All Saints Day, 2008.

Dick Durbin Wife and Children

Durbin and his wife Loretta have had three children, Christine, Jennifer and Paul. After several weeks within the hospital with complications thanks to a congenital heart disease , Christine died on All Saints Day, 2008.

Dick Durbin Career and Achievement

U.S. House of Representatives

In 1982, Durbin won the Democratic nomination for the now-eliminated 20th district, including Macon and most of Springfield. He scored a 1,400-vote victory, defeating 22-year incumbent Paul Findley, a U.S. Navy veteran, whose district lines had been substantially redrawn to get rid of rural farms and add economically depressed Macon, replacing 35% of the voters and including more Democrats as a part of the decennial redistricting. Durbins campaign emphasized unemployment and financial difficulties facing farmers, and told voters that electing him would send "a message to Washington and to Reagan that our economic policies arent working." Durbin benefited from donations by pro-Israel groups, especially AIPAC, that opposed Findleys advocacy on behalf of the Palestine Liberation Organization within the year before the election. Durbin was reelected sixfold, rarely facing serious opposition, and winning quite 55% of the choose each election except 1994.

U.S. Senate

In 1996, Durbin defeated Pat Quinn to become the Democratic nominee to exchange the retiring incumbent, Senator Simon , a longtime friend. He faced Republican State Representative Al Salvi within the election . Although the election had been expected to be competitive, Durbin benefited from Bill Clintons 18-point win in Illinois that year and defeated Salvi by 15 points. He was reelected in 2002, 2008, 2014 and 2020, whenever by a minimum of 10 points.


In November 1998, Senate legislator Tom Daschle appointed Durbin Assistant Democratic Whip. After the 2004 election, Durbin became the Democratic Whip within the 109th Congress. He became the primary senator from Illinois to function a Senate Whip since Everett Dirksen within the late 1950s, and therefore the fifth to serve in Senate leadership. Durbin served as Assistant legislator from 2005 to 2007, when the Democrats became the bulk party within the Senate. He then assumed the role of Assistant legislator , or Majority Whip.

In addition to his caucus duties, Durbin chairs the Subcommittee on Human Rights and therefore the Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government.

In 2000, Democratic presidential nominee Gore reportedly considered asking Durbin to be his campaigner for vice chairman of the US. Gore ultimately chose Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman.

When legislator Harry Reid faced a difficult reelection fight in 2010, some pundits predicted a possibly heated fight to succeed him between Durbin and Senator Chuck Schumer, who is documented for his fund-raising prowess. Reids reelection rendered such speculation moot. In 2021, Durbin became Senate Majority Whip again for the 117th Congress, also as becoming chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. this is often the primary time that the whip of either party has served as chair of this committee