Greg Gianforte Net Worth, Family, wife, Education, Children, Age, Biography, Political Career

Greg Gianforte is us governor of Montana since 2021 know all about Greg Gianforte Net Worth, Family, wife, Education, Children, Age, Biography, Political Career.

Greg Gianforte Net Worth, Family, wife, Education, Children, Age, Biography, Political Career
Greg Gianforte

Greg Gianforte Biography

Quick Facts

Name Greg Gianforte
Category Governor
Birthday 1961-04-17
Spouse Susan Gianforte ​(m. 1988)​
Education Stevens Institute of Technology (BEng, MS)
Country / Nationality United States
State / Province Montana
Party Republican
Net Worth $ 400 Million

Gregory Richard Gianforte is an American businessman, politician, software engineer, and writer serving as the 25th Governor of Montana since 2021. A member of the Republican Party, Gianforte served as the Representative for Montanas at-large congressional district from 2017 to 2021.

Gianforte and his wife Susan co-founded RightNow Technologies, a customer relationship management software company, in 1997. The company went public in 2004; by that time, it employed over 1,000 workers and executives on several continents. RightNow Technologies was acquired by Oracle Corporation for $1.5 billion in 2011.

In 2016, Gianforte ran for Governor of Montana as the Republican candidate, losing to incumbent Democratic Governor Steve Bullock. In May 2017, Gianforte defeated Democratic opponent Rob Quist in a special election for Montanas at-large congressional seat to fill a vacancy created by the appointment of Ryan Zinke as United States Secretary of the Interior. Gianforte was convicted of assault in state court in June 2017 stemming from his election-eve body-slamming attack on The Guardian political reporter Ben Jacobs in May 2017. He was fined and sentenced to community service and anger management therapy. Gianforte was re-elected in the 2018 where he faced Democratic nominee Kathleen Williams.

Gianforte did not seek reelection to the House of Representatives in 2020 and instead was a candidate in the 2020 Montana gubernatorial election. In the November general election, Gianforte defeated incumbent Lieutenant Governor Mike Cooney. He is the first Republican to serve as governor of Montana since Judy Martz left office in 2005.

Greg Gianforte Net Worth

Greg Gianforte Net Worth is $ 400 Million in 2022.

Greg Gianforte Family, Parents

Gregory Richard Gianforte was born on April 17, 1961, in San Diego, California. He is the oldest son of Frank Richard Gianforte, who had a career as an aerospace engineer and later as a landlord. His mother, Dale Douglass worked for General Dynamics in San Diego, and later was a school math teacher. Gianforte is of Italian, English, and Scottish ancestry. Gianforte has two younger brothers, Douglass and Michael. After the age of three, Gianforte was raised in the Valley Forge and King of Prussia suburbs northwest of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, including Wayne, an affluent unincorporated township community that extends into the Montgomery, Chester, and Delaware counties of Pennsylvania.

Greg Gianforte Wife, Children

While working at Bell Labs in New Jersey in the 1980s, Gianforte met his wife, Susan, who is the first-generation daughter of German immigrants, and was born and raised in Queens, New York City. They married in 1988. Gianforte and his wife have resided in Bozeman, Montana, since moving from New Jersey in 1995. They have four children.

Greg Gianforte Career and Achievement

Software Entrepreneurship

Gianforte began his career in 1983 at Bell Laboratories, working in product accession. Frustrated by the regulatorycommercial scale at Bell Labs, Gianforte departed toco-found Brightwork DevelopmentInc., a inventor of garçon- grounded LAN operation software for the banking assiduity, which was grounded in Tinton Falls, New Jersey. He and his mates vended the company to McAfee Associates for$ 10 million in 1994. Gianforte also began working for McAfee as head of North American deals. In 1995, he moved to Bozeman, Montana.

Gianforte and his woman, Susan, a mechanical mastermind by trade,co-founded RightNow Technologies in 1997. Partof Gianfortes strategy was to work the internet as a means to overcome geographic walls to erecting a globalized business. By the time the company went public in 2004, it employed over workers and directors both in Bozeman, and encyclopedically, with services in the UK, Asia, and Australia. The company included unborn Senator Steve Daines among its directors. The company was acquired by Oracle Corporation for$1.5 billion in 2011. At the time, Gianfortes 20 percent stake in the company was worth about$ 290 million. Right Now Technologies had contracts with civilagencies, including handling all of the online hunt queries for the Social Security Administration and Medicare websites. In 2012, Gianforte sued the Montana Democratic Party for vilification, professing the House crusade advertisementsthey vented critical of also House seeker Steve Daines were scandalous. Gianforte contended the party vented TVadvertisements that claimed that Right Now Technologies subsidized itself with public contracts, and also offshored jobs.

In 2005, along with a London- groundedco-author, Marcus Gibson, Gianforte published a business book Bootstrapping Your Business, start and grow a successful company with nearly no plutocrat. He has offered business lectures on entrepreneurship, and on erecting a global business.

Philanthropy and Civic Life

In 2004, Gianforte and his woman innovated the Gianforte Family Foundation, which has promoted his creationist beliefs in the public sphere, and has made knockouts of millions of bones in charitable benefactions. The foundationdescribes its primary charge as supporting"the work of faith- grounded associations engaged in outreach work, strengthening families, and helping the indigent; associations in Montana that work to ameliorate education, supportentrepreneurship, and produce jobs; and associations that enhance the original community of Bozeman, Montana."Gianforte, his woman, Susan, and his son, Richard, are the foundations three trustees. The foundation hadmeans of$ 113 million in 2013. The Gianforte Family Foundation has given nearly$ to the Montana Family Foundation, in some times making up half of that associations total profit. The Montana Family Foundation has promoted conservative and Christian values in the Montana council. Asked why he bestowed to the group, Gianforte said it was because the association aligns with his views.

Through his nonprofit, the Gianforte Family Charitable Trust, Gianforte has contributed substantial backing to several conservative associations. Some have led legal sweats to strike civil crusade finance regulations. Gianforte has bestowed to the Family Research Council and Focus on the Family, which endorse for a indigenous correctionproscribing same- coitus marriage, as well as the Montana Family Foundation, which is"the states primary advocateagainst LGBT programs". Gianforte served on the board of the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, an education reform association innovated by economist Milton Friedman which advocates for academy validations.

Gianforte believes in Young Earth creationism. He has bestowed at least$ to the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum, a Montana creationist gallery which teaches callers that the proposition of elaboration is false, that the Earth is about – times old, and that humans and dinosaurs accompanied during the same period of history. The gallery claims dinosaurs were aboard Noahs Ark, and that they probably went defunct times ago during the great deluge described in the Book of Genesis. The Gianforte Family Foundation also bestowed a Tyrannosaurus rex shell replica to the gallery.

Confederations and Investments

Gianforte has had a variety of business interests and investments. In November 2013, he was appointed to the board of FICO, which biographies consumer credit pitfalls for lenders. The same month, Gianforte acquired shares of FICO, which were also valued at further than$. Gianforte is a mate in MGRRNo. 1, a limited liability company that has enteredgrain subventions since 1995. Gianforte was the founding board president of the Montana High Tech Business Alliance. He abnegated as board president in June 2017 when he was sworn into Congress.

In fiscal exposure forms filed in 2017, Gianforte indicated that he possessed$ worth of shares in VanEck Vectors Russia ETF and$ in the IShares MSCF Russia ETF, totalling just under$ in two exchange- traded finances concentrated on investments in Russia. The investments attracted attention because they included shares in Gazprom and Rosneft, which are subject toU.S. warrants assessed after the Russian irruption of Crimea; still, because the per-person powerstake in these companies is so small in similar indicator finances, theyre pure from warrants. (61) After the issue wasraised in Gianfortes 2017 congressional crusade, Gianforte stated that his Russia effects were a small portion of his overall investments and pledged to place all of his means in a eyeless trust if tagged.

Through a holding pot, Gianforte owns a 12- seat private spurt which he has used as a strategic asset on the crusadetrail. He made the aircraft available to others in his congressional side to travel back east to Washington for importantvotes.

U.S. House of Representatives (2017 – 2021)

2017 Special Election Campaign

On March 1, 2017, Republican Representative Ryan Zinke of Montanas at-large congressional quarter abnegated his seat following his evidence by the United States Senate as United States Secretary of the Interior. A special electionwas listed to fill the remainder of Zinkes term. Gianforte had formerly blazoned his intention to seek the seat on January 25, previous to Zinkes evidence and posterior abdication. At a March 6 convention, the Republican Party named Gianforte as their designee. He faced Popular musician and former Montana Trades Council member Rob Quist, as well as Libertarian designee Mark Wicks, in the general election.

In a departure from former pledges made during his gubernatorial crusade, Gianforte relaxed his once pledges to refuseall PAC plutocrat, and began to turn down only commercial PAC backing. His crusade began accepting benefactionsfrom political party and leadership PACs.

Gianforte receded himself from Donald Trump during the 2016 Democratic presidential primary and didnt attendTrumps sole rally in Montana, citing a scheduling conflict. Still, he championed Trump in the 2016 general election and continued to express support for him during his 2017 special election crusade for Congress. Gianfortes crusade wassupported by Vice President Mike Pence and Donald TrumpJr., who both stumped for Gianforte in the state. Gianforte turned close to Trumps political narratives, promoting his stranger status as a first time political seeker, touting his experience as a technology entrepreneur, and censuring programs leading to sanctuary metropolises and"the liberalnobility."

Gianforte supported repeal of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). He declined to say whether he supports the American Health Care Act, the House Republican legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. On Thursday May 4, 2017, Gianforte held a private conference call with Democratic- leaning lobbyists in WashingtonD.C. where he offered a more probative view of the American Health Care Act. He said that it"sounds like we just passed a health care thing, which I am thankful for, sounds like we are starting to repeal and replace." Latterly that May, he saidhed not" bounce for a repeal and a replace unless I know it protects people withpre-existing conditions, lowers ratesand preserves pastoral access". The incident where Gianforte assaulted a journalist was in response to questions about how the AHCA would make health insurance too precious for people withpre-existing conditions.

Gianforte opposed the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, comparing marijuana to further addictingmedicines.

He supported allowing the use of medical marijuana for"people in habitual pain, under the care of a croaker."He opposes revocation except in cases where a womans life is in peril. He favors removing civil backing from Planned Parenthood. He stated that he supports government enforcement of nondiscrimination for workers, but not for guests. He opposed adding in the minimal paycheck. Gianforte supported Administrative Order 13769, to ban immigration from seven Muslim maturity countries. He opposed resettlement of deportees in Montana. He opposed sanctuary metropolises programs. Gianforte criticized the Obama administration for"the situation with Russia"and favored a multinational strategy to stand against Russian aggression. He supported President Trumps decision to fire FBI Director James Comey.

Gianforte opposed sweats to transfer civil lands to the countries. Gianforte called for changes to the Exposed SpeciesAct. He was in favor of amending the civil Equal Access to Justice Act to reduce environmental action, saying that the act has been abused by"environmental crazies."He conceded mortal-caused climate change but" did not havespecific ideas on how to address climate change."He has said that"the climate is always changing,"and believes that closing coal- fired power shops would not help alleviate climate change. He supported President Trumps repeal of the Clean Power Plan introduced by the Obama administration. He has called for investments in clean coal technology. Gianforte has blamed the length of time the Department of Interior spends to estimate operations to drill and frack for shale gas.

2018 House Crusade

Gianfortes training was opposed in 2018 by Democratic Party designee Kathleen Williams, a state solon and naturalcoffers expert from Bozeman, as well as by Libertarian Party seeker Elinor Swanson, a counsel from Billings.

Gianforte opposed Williams policy offer to allow those 55 and aged to buy into Medicare, remarking that"medicare for all is medicare for none", and advised that Medicare would be at threat of spending cuts if Egalitarians won a maturity in the House. Williams blamed Gianforte for introducing a bill to remove civil protections from several nature study areasin Montana without holding any public meetings on the issue.

Polling data in the weeks leading up to the election showed Gianforte and Williams in a close contest within the periphery of error. Gianforte prevailed in his shot forre-election with a 5 periphery of palm. Exit polling data indicatedthat Gianforte had his strongest support at the pates from men aged than 44 and from those with inflows above$ per time.

Governor of Montana (2021—)



On January 20, 2016, Gianforte announced his candidacy for the Republican Partys nomination for Governor of Montana in the 2016 election. A citizen of Butte filed a political practices complaint against Gianforte alleging that he began campaigning before registering, the complaint was dismissed.

In a campaign speech that year, Gianforte stated that he had been involved in discussions with Facebook about bringing a new call center to Montana, but that Facebook had declined because of that states business equipment tax. A Facebook spokesman disputed Gianfortes claims, saying that no discussions with Gianforte had taken place and that the tax was not the reason the company decided not to locate a call center in Montana. Gianforte stood by his statement saying that he had spoken with a Facebook executive the previous fall.

During his gubernatorial campaign, Gianforte pledged not to accept special interest PAC money and ran television ads criticizing his opponent for doing so. He came under scrutiny when an audio tape surfaced revealing his past advocacy to replace state income tax and state business tax revenue with a state sales tax.

Management of public lands was a point of contention in Gianfortes 2016 campaign for governor. In 2009, Gianfortes LLC filed a lawsuit against the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks about the boundaries of an easement for public access to the East Gallatin River adjacent to his property. Gianfortes suit against the state became an issue in the 2016 campaign with Gianfortes critics characterizing it as a wealthy out-of-staters effort to block public access to a popular stream. Gianforte consistently denied the allegations and called the issue a misunderstanding, noting the suit was never served, though the lawsuit was settled outside of court. Gianforte opposes same-sex marriage. He opposes abortion.

Steve Bullock, the incumbent Democratic governor, defeated Gianforte in the November general election, 50%–46%.


Gianforte contended with Attorney General Tim Fox and state Sen. Al Olszewski for the nomination of the Montana Republican Party for the 2020 Montana gubernatorial election. Gianforte drew parallels between his experience building a large technology company in Bozeman, and Donald Trumps business background, and shared anecdotes of visits to the White House meant to illustrate their ties.

Gianforte won the Republican nomination. In the November general election, Gianforte defeated incumbent Lieutenant Governor Mike Cooney to become governor-elect.

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